I’m an Instructor at Mass General Hospital and Harvard Medical School with a research focus on precision lifestyle and medicine for the prevention of cardiometabolic diseases. Specifically, I use tools from genomics and bioinformatics to understand why people respond differently to dietary and lifestyle behaviors. I received my PhD in Biochemical and Molecular Nutrition from Tufts University, and am now a part of the Manning Research Group, where my work involves the development of software for large-scale gene-environment interaction analysis and its application in uncovering novel gene-diet and gene-lifestyle interactions.

Some other things I think about:

  • The future of food: What will we be eating in 20 years, and how will it be produced?
  • Science: The academic research and publication system could be more effective than it is right now.
  • Mental models: I’m a big fan of Shane Parrish’s work at Farnam Street.